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Minnesota big foot From reading novels, watching movies and listening to fairy tales, we have heard of and seen monsters. In Minnesota, people have claimed to see upright walking creatures whose bodies are covered in hair and have a gigantic physique.

There are even claims that some have had a true one-on-one encounter with the monster known as Big Foot.

Mysterious footprints are said to have been spotted in the northern parts of Minnesota and those who believe that they belong to the big foot site them as evidence alluding to the existence of these strange creatures. Others criticize the evidence of foot prints stating different depths and pressures that the said feet exerted on the ground. Instead they say the printís evidence would hold if they were of the same depth in the ground.

The Northern Minnesota Big Foot Society is a group formed by the residence of the area who believe in the existence of Big foot and have been recording statements and collecting evidence from all over the region in a bid to prove that the said creatures are alive and real. The emotions of those who have recorded statements with the group are an indication of the chill that ran down their spine when they met with the creatures. Among the witnesses is a woman who sobbed uncontrollably as she recounted the psychological ordeal she went through as the creature stared her straight in the eyes giving her the feeling it was piercing through her soul.

Critics consider them as fictional and dismiss the statements as fictitious and publicity seeking attempts. Still more evidences have been raised strongly supporting the existence of big foot with people showing images of the creatures believed to have been captured using fixed cameras. Wood knocking is another theory given by the proponents of the idea. It is said that when one knocks a tree trunk several big foots would respond to him.

While others state findings of gigantic bones, there is a group alleging that big foot creatures are spiritual and appear and disappear willingly therefore finding their bones is just but a pipe dream. Branches plucked straight out of trees are said to be the works of the mysterious beings that also have stick men to warn them of the presence of human beings around the strange looking house like structures also thought be their homes.

Some references have been made to the Bible in the book of Genesis, where it is said giants married the daughters of men and had children who were also giants. A group of those that believe in the existence of big foot think that they may be the few remaining descendants of the Biblical giants. The other factor that adds more mystery to the idea of big foot is their elusiveness, so establishing their lifestyle has proven difficult.

There was a time in the mid 1960s that a man reported to have found a body preserved in a lump of ice in the Bering straits. The body was later put on exhibition for people to see during carnivals and fairs on condition that they paid some cents for their view. It later emerged that this was just but a gimmick to make money as this was not a big foot as the exhibitors intended the public to believe but a body bought from Hong Kong by an affluent businessman with the mind of profiting from the people.

A notice on the showcase stated that this could be the remains of a medieval man that might have been left behind after the ice age and it was called ice man by some. This argument has met some opposition as scientists said it is close to impossible for the body to have been preserved in ice for that long. If there is a possibility that it had been in natural ice then it would be in a different state from the way it was found.

So in other words the mystery continues and the quest to prove the existence of big foot creatures in Minnesota goes on.

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Minnesota Big Foot Minnesota Big Foot.
people claimed to have seen the Big foot, a big upright walking creature with hairy body. Some have had a one-on-one encounter with bigfoot.